Creative Well-Being

Art and cultural services can play an important role in the vitality of regions and everyday life of the citizens. The experience of being creative is important for humans.


Creative Well-Being in Mikkeli was a project where art activities were designed also together with the participants. The project offered
different, versatile art groups and workshops for the citizens of Mikkeli free of charge during the winter and spring of 2017.

The background of the project was in community arts, positive psychology and human-centered service design. The common theme of different art groups and workshops was cultural environment, 'Home in Mikkeli'. The theme included the reflection of cultural heritage, local environment, place, time and identity. The art groups and workshops supported different skills, including photography, video and writing.

The project aimed for creating opportunities for meaningful art activities, interaction, creativity and self-expression for the participants in the project. It also strove for promoting inclusion as well as finding and creating new partnerships with different organizations concerning the art and well-being work in Mikkeli.

Creative Well-Being in Mikkeli belonged as a part to a larger project, called 'The Flow of Well-Being in Mikkeli.' The larger project is based on the ideas of participation of the citizens and culture of experimentation. It strives for promoting social inclusion, agility in development processes and cooperation between different organizations. Creative Well-Being in Mikkeli was directed by Dr. Päivi-Maria Jaatinen.

Creative Well-Being in Mikkeli was conducted in cooperation with the European Social Fund (ESF), City of Mikkeli and The Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre). The project ended 31.5.2017.


Well-being, creativity, visual arts, communication, photography, writing, cultural heritage, community art, human-centered service design, environment, cultural services.


Dr. Päivi-Maria Jaatinen